villa turkey
16 January 2021


Wifi name VillaRosanna
and password:697699dd
Salih 00905306438440

row boat map



Map to show where the rowing boat leaves from
follow the pink line

Corner have cocktails - turn to left for road to go down to get boat over to lost city of Kaunos


View of Dalyan when you have walked up to the lost city of Kaunos. The arrow marks the Kings Villa pool

towards park

road to boat

Going down towards the park and rowing boat to cross over


5 turkish lira boat

5 Turkish Lira to cross over river to lost city of Kaunos

1. Saturday Market 2. Bank 3. Migros Supermarket - fresh milk 4. turtle roundabout 5. Kaunos Tours (Salih) 6. Fresh fish shop 7. Butchers

kaunos tours

5. Kaunos Tours - you will find Salih in the shop

Centre again


boat park

1. Dolmus Buses opposite Saturday Market entrance

Ataturk central square

mosque and minaret




4. Turtle roundabout fountain on

4. Turtle roundabout